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My Name Is Jason Wickersty And I Love Historic Fonts.

The idea for this project was born about 10 years ago, when I first started look­ing for the font that’s printed on pretty much everything in the 1860s.

But I couldn’t find it. There were some modern fonts that were pretty close. But no one had the font.

So, I despaired.

The New Blazing Star Press - J.R. Wickersty, Printer. Historic Fonts, Stencils, and Bookstore.

Then I stopped despairing. I pursued my love of American history and graphic design in college. I melted my eyes staring at every 19th century photograph and printed thing I could find. I lived on the Library of Congress’ website. After years of training, getting married, and setting up my font laboratory, I was ready. I took off my coat, rolled up my sleeves, plugged in the Wacom tablet (then unplugged it because I didn't need it for this) and went to work, pausing on occasion to stop my cat from biting the scanner.

The New Blazing Star Press is the result.

The New Blazing Star Press revives historical fonts, borders, ornaments, rules, and woodcut artwork from the 18th and 19th centuries, copying every letter from original type specimen, business directories, broadsides, and advertisements printed over 150 years ago.

The fonts are ideal for museums, historical reenactors and living historians, graphic designers and all lovers of historical type.